Online Slots: How to Choose the Best Ones

Online casino gaming has fast become the preferred method of gambling, rather than frequenting land based casinos at extra costs, players are now able to access all their favourite games anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, the variety of games that are available to players are endless and as a result the diversity attracts players from all walks of life. Out of all the available casino games, one thing remains certain, online slots are perhaps the most favored of casino genres.

Players have instant access to the best online slots and can even play these for free without having to sign up at any casino.

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Because online slots are such a major attraction for casino enthusiasts, the variability can often become slightly overwhelming, especially for those new to online casino gaming.

There are however a few tips and tricks that can be utilized in helping narrow down the search and aid in choosing only the best ones.

Here are a few guidelines that will prove effective and ultimately extend gaming time.

Play Free Online Slots Games

Play Free Online Slots Games

Many new video slots that are released offer a free play option, this free version is played using unlimited coins and as a result players cannot gamble for real cash.

It does however allow players to experience first-hand the quality of the video slots, the various winning combinations and the bonus games, if any are available, can also be unlocked.

Should the quality, genre and additional features match up to the standards of the player, the video slots game can then be enjoyed for real cash.

Video Slots Bonus Games

bonusIf you are looking to win real cash and enjoy variety within your game, then seeking out top video slots that offer bonus rounds would be one of the main criteria.

The majority of modern slots offer bonus games which extend both gaming time and tend to increase payouts after each win. Although most bonus games cannot be tested during free play, they can be unlocked.

Landing a winning combination to unlock these rounds can be time consuming but will ultimately bare most winning combinations that offer highest payouts. These combinations are usually formed with a number of scatter symbols, wilds and stacked symbols.

How each of these combinations are formed will depend on the video slots game in question. Thankfully, players are typically welcomed to a payout table that lists these groupings so players can see which mixtures of combinations form the highest pay out wins and which unlock the bonus rounds.

Leading Software Providers

Most popular online slots have been developed by leading software providers. These prominent brands build their slots on the latest gaming technology which powers high definition graphics, easy navigational systems, interactive game play and additional features that add to the appeal of top slots games.

When it comes to the built in theme of the game, brands such as Microgaming, Netent, Playtech, Betsoft and other popular brands promote intricate storylines that grasp and hold the attention of players and hold the promise of more to come.


Most of these themes are based on famous movies, novels, myths and fairy tales. These kinds of story lines expand during game play and the bonus rounds open a new dimension of gaming not only increasing the curiosity of avid players but also capturing their attention long enough to earn excellent cash winnings.

Seasoned players usually determine the quality of online slots based on the service providers and tend to explore games within these brands.

Selecting Online Slots Theme

Selecting Online Slots ThemePossibly one of the main contributing factors in choosing the finest online slots games is selecting a theme that is best suited to the player’s preference.

The large variety that is at the player’s disposal makes this a relatively simple process. Most online slots are categorized according to their genres which slims down the options substantially.

The theme takes precedence in creating a fantastical gaming environment that offers a backdrop of vivid images, background music and symbols that represent the genre under which it was categorized.

Without having a favoured theme or one that might prove attention gripping, players may encounter a slightly uninteresting game play experience which ultimately impacts the bankroll.


Each video slot has been designed with a various number of paylines, these lines determine how many winning combinations are available and players are usually allowed to select how many they want to activate.

If the video slots game has a fixed number of paylines, the player is then unable to adjust them, however bet amounts are usually adjustable during this kind of game play. The more active paylines there are, the better the chances of landing a winning combination.

Substantial wins can be acquired during gaming pay all depending on these factors.

Comparing RTP’s

Comparing RTP’sGenerally players will encounter summaries of their most favoured video slots games, nestled within these short summaries are payout percentages which is a theoretical pay out of what the player deposits.

Top online slots usually have higher payout percentages throughout game play. RTP is the acronym for ‘Return to Player’. Seasoned slots enthusiasts compare these percentages and use this a vital piece of information in selecting top online slots.

The higher the payout percentage, the better winnings are earned during game play. The typical payout of any top online video slots ranges anywhere from 82% of the player’s deposits, during game play, to a high of 98%.

Choosing a video slots game that offers a higher payout percentage doesn’t guarantee that proportion but certainly increases the players chances of a higher pay out.

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With so many options to go with, players often feel overwhelmed or they find themselves wasting a considerable amount of cash on the wrong video slots games.

By simply narrowing down the options from the above mentioned guidelines, not only will the quality of your gaming experience improve significantly but payouts will in all likelihood be higher and more enjoyable.

Choose the best video slots games to experience the full advantage of online gaming.